Calculated Industries

Subcategory: Calculators

Calculated Industries specializes in industrial calculators geared for Construction pros.

Subcategory: Estimating & Takeoff

Digital Estimating & Takeoff Tools from Calculated Industries improve productivity in the field or on the estimating table with fast, accurate takeoffs from metric or imperial scaled or unscaled prints, plans and drawings.

Subcategory: Measuring & Marking
Tool Type: Distance Measurer, Lasers

Calculated Industries has specialized industrial electronic distance measuring tools geared for Construction pros. All are fast, accurate and ruggedized for industrial settings.


Subcategory: Decking
Power: Cordless
Tool Type: Drive Tools

Install decking up to 5x faster with the Stand-Up CAMO DRIVE tool.

Subcategory: Decking
Power: Cordless
Tool Type: Drive Tools

CAMO has a tool for every deck installation.


Subcategory: Compressors

The air compressors are designed to handle finishing tools and other light duty applications.

Subcategory: Cutting
Tool Type: Blades, Diamond Blades

Grip-Rite has a full selection of Diamond and Carbide cutting blades.

Subcategory: Fastening
Tool Type: Nailers

From framing nailers to staplers, the entire product line includes the right tool for just about any job.

Malco Products

Subcategory: Bending, Cutting, Drilling/Driving, Fastening, Layout & Leveling, Measuring & Marking, Striking & Struck
Tool Type: Aviation Snips, Bits, Blade Knives, Blades, Cutters, Drive Tools, Duct Tools, Hammers, Levels, Nut Drivers, Pliers, Pry Bars, Punches, Seamers, Shears, Snips, Strippers, Tape Measures, Wrenches

Malco Products manufacturers a complete line of innovative specialty hand tools designed to make your jobs easier, faster and much more precise.

Quik Drive by Simpson Strong-Tie

Subcategory: Fastening
Tool Type: Screw Driving Systems

Quik Drive Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems can improve the quality and durability of your work while reducing time and money spent on the job.


Subcategory: Fastening
Tool Type: Screw Driving Systems

The powder actuated and gas fastening systems eliminate the need to drill holes with a concrete drill bit and use anchors and screws for fastening applications.

Simpson Strong-Tie

Subcategory: Fastening
Power: Gas-Actuated, Powder-Actuated
Tool Type: Accessories, Nailers

Simpson Strong-Tie offers a full range of gas- and powder-actuated tools and fasteners.

Subcategory: Fastening
Material: Steel
Power: Gas-Actuated, Powder-Actuated
Tool Type: Fasteners, Nails, Screws, Rafter and Truss Fastening System, Screw Driving Systems

Simpson Strong-Tie's repetitive fastening system products include our fastening systems line of screws and nails, collated nails and staples, collated screws, and Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems.

Stanley Hand Tools

Subcategory: Cutting
Tool Type: Blade Knives, Blades, Mitre Boxes, Planes, Snips

The people who use cutting tools ask a lot of them. Stanley tools deliver. Knives, Knife Blades, Miter Boxes, Planes, Snips

Subcategory: Fastening
Tool Type: Glue Guns, Nut Drivers, Pliers, Ratchets, Rivet Tools, Screwdrivers, Staplers, Tackers, Wrenches

Ease of use is rule number one in fastening. Stanley®'s fastening tools are filled with features that make them a snap to operate.

Subcategory: Lights
Tool Type: Flashlights, Tripod Flashlights

Stanley®'s expanded line of LED flashlights provides convenience in a range of sizes and styles.

Subcategory: Layout & Leveling
Tool Type: Chalk Reels / Snap Lines, Levels, Squares

Square, level and plumb are critical to every building project. At Stanley®, we address our customer’s needs for accuracy, dependability and durability.

Subcategory: Measuring & Marking
Tool Type: Distance Measurer, Tape Measures

Take a look at our tape line and see why after years of innovation, Stanley®'s Tape quality and durability are unmatched.

Subcategory: Work Table/Bench
Tool Type: Mobile Work Stations, Workbenches & Project Centers

Stanley® sawhorses have been engineered for work around the home or on the job site.

Subcategory: Cutting
Tool Type: Saws

Stanley® offers a wide range of specialized handsaws including drywall saws, hacksaws, coping saws, keyhole saws, utility saws and multi-purpose saws.

Subcategory: Organization & Storage
Tool Type: Tool Aprons, Bags, Pouches, Tool Boxes, Tool Cabinets

The large selection of Stanley®'s storage boxes and organizers keep tools handy, safe and organized while you work.

Subcategory: Striking & Struck
Tool Type: Chisels, Hammers, Nail Sets, Pry Bars, Punches

At Stanley®, every striking tool is engineered with safety in mind. That’s why you’ll find shock absorption features on many of our hammers, chisels and nail sets.

Subcategory: Detection
Tool Type: Stud Finders

With intuitive operation and ease-of-use, Stanley's® stud sensors are the smart choice for the home or job site.